US States that Generated Highest Sales in the Year 2020

US States that Generated Highest Sales in the Year 2020

If you have been following the lottery games, you would have realized that the United States is generating the highest number of sales for a very long time. Several countries from around the world have been generating high number of sales from lottery games. However, there is no other country that is doing it better than the United States. The US Treasury has been generating very high revenues from the lottery ticket sales as well as the jackpot prizes that the players win from these games.

At present, a total of 45 states in America have been backing lottery games in the country. The state-backed operators in the United States have been generating really high sales and funds for charitable causes in the country. However, not every state is generating the same amount of sales and revenues from the lottery games. Therefore, I am going to go ahead and list the states that have generated highest sales in the year 2020, as compared to the rest of the lottery games.

New York Lottery – 1967 – $9.740 Billion

The New York (NY) Lottery has been around since 1967 and ever since its launch, it has helped hundreds of thousands of players win huge prizes. The New York Lottery has also made multi-millionaires out of the players that have participated in the NY Lotto games over the years. At present, the New York Lottery ranks as the highest grossing state-backed lottery operator in the United States. It is also safe to say that the state of New York is also the highest sales grossing state in the entire world. According to stats from 2020, the New York Lottery has generated over $9.7 billion worth of sales.

Florida Lottery – 1988 – $7.505 Billion

The Florida (FL) Lottery has been around since 1988 and it is considered as the second largest state-backed lottery game in the world in terms of sales. The Florida Lottery is known for offering some of the most entertaining and very attractive lottery games. It is also very prominent in the education sector as it manages to donate over $1 billion every year for the particular sector. According to stats, the Florida Lottery had successfully generated over $7.5 billion worth of sales in the year 2020.

Texas Lottery – 1991 – $6.704 Billion

The Texas (TX) Lottery has been around since 1991 and it is considered as the third largest state-backed lottery operator in the United States. It is also able to generate very high number of sale from the ticket sales. The Texas Lottery is also prominently known for offering a vast variety of lottery games that include lottery draw, instant, and instant games. These games are really interactive and entertaining for the players and help the players win huge prizes. According to stats, the Texas Lottery had generated over $6.7 billion worth of sales in the year 2020 alone.

California Lottery – 1984 – $6.601 Billion

The California (CA) Lottery has been around since 1984 and the player have been able to benefit from the game since then. It is currently ranked as the fourth largest lottery gaming operator in the United States. Similar to all the lottery gaming leaders, the CA Lottery also offers a large number of lottery games to the players. The games offered by the CA Lottery are being played on a really large scale in the United States. According to stats, the California Lottery had successfully generated sales worth over $6.6 billion in the year 2020.

Massachusetts Lottery – 1971 – $5.244 Billion

The Massachusetts (MA) Lottery has been around in the lottery industry since 1971. Similar to other major state-based lottery games, the MA Lottery also lets the players benefit from large variety of lottery games. The stats show that in the year 2020, the sales that the CA Lottery generated were worth over $5.2 billion.

The best thing about these lottery games is that the state-backed lottery games can be played in different states as well. Now, the online lottery agents have even expanded the availability of these games on an international level. These online lottery agents not only offer you the ability of playing state-backed games but also let you play US Powerball online in South Africa or other parts of the world. These lottery agents even let you play games from different parts of the world such as UK 49, EuroMillions from the UK and even from Canada.

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